how to help climate change

How to help climate change

  1. don’t use motorized vehicles as much.

gas that comes from cars are not good for the environment. they are a huge cause in air pollution.  they contribute 75% of air pollution in the united states.

you should try to walk or bike to work more instead of driving. because the gas from cars are very bad for the environment and air quality. but also because you will get more in shape from walking and biking. also you will save more money because you wont have to pay for gas.

2. trim your waste

garbage that goes into landfill is not good for the environment and will cause methane a greenhouse gas into the air, and that means we will get more polluted air.

make sure to always put garbage into the garbage bin and to put food into the compost/green waste, also Let store managers and manufacturers know you want products with minimal or recyclable packaging.

3. plant trees

planting trees are very good because they help the air quality by sucking up carbon dioxide and putting out oxygen. trees help clean the air and make the world a better place. 1 tree takes a lot of carbon dioxide out of the air in one life time.



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