In class story

To tell this short story we have to go back, back to when it all started. “The man in the hat” his name is Alex and he’s in huge trouble. Not the type of trouble you can get out, the type of trouble where there’s no getting out of it. Alex is in to deep he’s undercover In a huge gang bust. But Alex is so far in that even the cops think he’s in the gang. Alex used to be a simple guy before he got busted buying from one of the gang members and then Alex gets busted but the PO and now Alex is working with the PO to bust the gang. Alex  was so far in the gang that he had to shoot a cop and now Alex is wanted by all police officers. Alex thinks if he explains to the police then they’ll understand but if Alex does that then the gang will know and send people after him. Now that we are all caught up we can continue the story, Alex is standing outside his motel room thinking about ways to take down this gang and nights later he figured it out.  He is going to record them talking about a bunch of illegal thing and then show it to the cops. Alex is hoping he will have enough evidence to bring them down. Alex is standing against the wall of his motel right now just taking some deep breaths before he goes to do what he has to do he’s gonna go take down a 5 star level gang with only a Mac 11 and a microphone.