In my video called the foreign exchange it shows the international side of social media. It shows how kids my age and younger who come to a different county for school, they are called exchange students at riverside we call them international students. If there was no social media and social apps to use to communicate with one other how would the international students talk or communicate with there friends back home or even more important their family. Imagine if you were a international student, and you didn’t have any friends you’d be very lonely without having your family to that would be sad and depressing but with social media exchange students can communicate with there families and able to stay in touch and be able to hold and have a great relationship with your mom and dad. I feel my video shows how happy it makes students to be able to talk to there parents even if they are typing it.

My video reaches out to all people or international who are far from home and need to stay in touch with there family no one should have to feel shut out by there family everyone deserves to be in contact with there parents.