Month: September 2019

Interior paradox of modern popculture

I’m interested by how the author feels he has a obligation to read harry potter or watch the movies because they are such an important part of pop culture in our modern world. As the current generation grows up most of them pick up the book or watch the movies having heard of them, also feeling this obligation to be “in the know”. In the case of the author he refuses to watch the movies or read the books even though he knows he should to catch up to the modern pop culture, he has what he calls an “interior paradox” where he contradicts the obligation by simply deciding he doesn’t want to, even though he thinks it would benefit him. The author’s style of writing is very descriptive and insightful by giving his personal opinion on how pop culture (specifically Harry Potter) affects the world and the next generation as it’s so vastly known and praised. The article portrays a very biased opinion on his refusal to be “in the know” about Harry Potter by not engaging in either reading or watching the content of the series, yet it feels completely justified by the fact that he explains how pop culture shouldn’t be an obligation. The article explains how you shouldn’t have to watch specific movies or shows just because they’re depicted by the media as being some of the best of all time, even though in our case if we heard something was one of the best movies of all time we’d most likely watch it. This relates heavily to most of my generations lives as we feel the need to be “in the know” about all that is happening around us, mostly because the media suggests us to do so.

Core Competencies: Tranformations Unit

The transformations unit has impacted my critical thinking as I had to analyze graphs and equations to figure out the transformations that took place. This also helped my creative thinking by pushing me to use transformation equation language/transformation word language to aid in my work. The transformation equation language/transformation word language made the unit much easier as all the questions we’re easier once they we’re all laid out. The language helped my creative thinking as with it I was able to create strategies that made the overall question into one simple equation with the information of all the transformations that took place. Overall the unit helped push me to create strategies and analyze properly while making sure I was precise and checking my work.

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