The Friday everything changed Questions

  1. Because then less boys will be doing it and getting to miss class to carry the water bucket. It’s also a sign of power and they don’t want the girls getting that amount of power like there is at River Hebert.
  2. They bully the girl who gave the idea of girls carrying the water bucket, Alma Niles. This makes the girls work together more in protecting Alma as this could be something that changes how the girls will be at this school.
  3. It’s told from the point of an unnamed character. She thinks Mrs. Ralston is beautiful and a strong woman. She thinks the girls should be able to carry the water.
  4. It is more of a rural Ontario area which is given when they talk about Toronto maple leafs. The time seems to be after one of the world wars as they talk about German warplanes with bombs. The conflict is girl’s vs society as they are shown to be not at the same level as males in their school society.
  5. Alma Niles, because she is the person the whole story started because of. When she asked why girls don’t it started the whole story off.
  6. Everything changed that Friday because girl’s got to go carry the water bucket which gave them power. Ms.Ralstons action is the last paragraph shows that females are not lesser than males. The theme/message of the story is equality between genders.



Galvanized- To shock or excite someone.

Remotest- A place far from main centers of population.

Intoxicated- Under the influence of alcohol or cannabis.

Ominous- Scary or gloomy mood.

Supplementary- Completing or enhancing someone.

Forlornly- Sad or abandoned.

Earnestly- With sincere.

Gloating- Bragging.

Transfixed- Cause someone to become motionless.

Pirouettes- Spinning on 1 foot.