Sick at Home

Poor Child

Stuck at home

Coughing loudly as he watched YouTube

He was very bored as the day went on

It was awfully cold in the house and he sat by the heater

He was forced to drink icky medicine from his teacher

It was very bitter

I don’t get how it would cure sickness if it’s sickening itself

He was depressed he couldn’t go out with his friends because he was sick

He had nothing to do other than watch YouTube and Netflix all day

He hated how much his throat hurt and how his head would always get headaches

It was disastrous that he was sick because he setup a bunch of plans to go out with his friends

Including to get amazing Miracle’s Belgian waffles

It was a quite brief weekend where I accomplished nothing of use

Quickly he realized that this weekend was one of the most boring

It was a very bad weekend overall and there wasn’t anything good that came other than finishing Season 1 of Suits