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Wonder Project 1- Science 10

Question- As humans, would we be able to permanently colonize and live on another planet? What would life look like? 

We always hear about how earth is going to end in the near future, and how we won’t have a place to live. But what if we could move and colonize to another planet? Would it be possible? How would we live? Is it safe? How would it affect us? Those are all questions that come to mind when this topic comes up. I have researched to find out if it was possible to colonize on the moon or another planet. But most importantly what would life look like?

Living on the moon-

The moon has a very dusty rough surface, making it not the best place to colonize. Scientists have reported that the moon Is not a “pleasant” place to live compared to earth. The moon has Lunar days and nights, that occurs when the moon is rotating on its axis in line with the sun. The lunar times last 14 days each. The average temperature during the Lunar days would be around 123 degrees Celsius. During Lunar nights it can get as cold as -233 degrees Celsius. Which does not make it suitable for us to be living on. Some parts of the moon have ice, water, and no light during because of how the sun orbits around. 

By these facts, it shows that the moon is not the most convenient place to colonize. If we ended up colonizing we would need to have heaters to keep is from freezing, and air conditioners to keep us from over heating. This would take a toll in our daily lives. 

Living on Mars-

Unlike other planets, Mars has seasons depending on its axis and where you are located. The southern part of mars, which is away from the sun has very cold winters, and the northern part has very hot summers. The northern part has 7 Months of spring, 6 months of summer, 5 months of fall, 4 months of winter. A year on mars is longer than a year on earth. About a 5-month difference. That means that a day on Mars is over 24 hours, so time is a little off.

Living on mars would be more challenging than living on the moon due to the lack of information on Mars. Mars is a place where we have had very little exploration on, and lack off information. Mars is shown to be a lot more challenging to live on then the moon. 


Living in space would be a very challenging time due to needing so much supplies to just survive. As humans we would need a craft or our “homes” to have oxygen for us to breathe that would circulate and keep us alive. We would have to have an oxygen tank while being outside of the craft. 

Another thing we would need is food and water. Food and water are another necessity that we would need. Because of science developing you can now take more foods with you. You used to be able to only take freeze-dried food and now you have more varieties.



In conclusion, This question is a tough one, because we will never truly know what life would be like unless we actually travel. My research has shown that earth is a much safer place for humans and wildlife to be living in.

Scientists believe that the moon especially, is a planet that we would be able to one day colonize on. The moon is a place where we could build, develop and live on. But the risks, dangers, and life style is not the best decision in the present. But in the future this could be a possibility. But as of now, we need a lot more research and space exploration.

Video- Will we ever be able to colonize the moon? 

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Hannelie Jogha