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Safety story/map

Classroom 231 has learned all the safety features for the experiments they are going to be doing in science after lunch. Including that the hazardous material symbols. One of them was the flame symbol, which represents that the substance is flammable.The second one was the tube looking object represents compressed gas. The class had to remember these signs, so we are all more aware of the substances and materials. After lunch came and everyone headed to their afternoon class. Everyone came in and put on their safety goggles and get prepared to start. The reason they use safety goggles it to protect their eyes if anything they were handling flew into their faces. The teacher grabs our attention to introduce a new student named John who is coming to join our class. Our teacher decides to let John join the experiment without knowing many of the rules. We then began to read the directions and prepare the hot plate. The class was using the hot plates to heat up water to a boiling point. John came in with no idea of safety and began to plug in the hot plate. One of the students warn John and hand him some goggles. Next, John reaches over the hot plate to grab the measurement of water and his sleeve goes right into the water. A girl in the class spots John doing this and shows him that its hot and that he needs to move around it because he could burn himself. They all continued to fill a beaker of water to warm up on the hot plate. Another boy in John’s group was dropping in some chemicals from a eye dropper to create the formula. A while passes, and the water was reaching its boiling point and it was moved off of the hot plate and onto the counter. A graduated cylinder was brought in for a second experiment and John knocked it off the counter and it shattered on the floor. Some kids swept up the large pieces of broken glass and John had the job of getting the little pieces. After all the large pieces are gone, he starts to use his hands for the little pieces. We had to show him that it could still cut you and you have to use a wet paper towel to pick up the small pieces. John then had the job of throwing away the glass, so he goes to throw it in the trashcan and then Sarah had to show that it goes in the broken glass bin. The broken glass bin is to prevent someone from creating a hole in the bag and cutting someone who is taking it out the trash.

This symbol represents that something is flammable.


This symbol represents that is compressed gas.