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Core Competent Canadians- Hannelie Jogha

what did you know about core competencies before this activity? What did you learn?

I knew about core competencies before this activity because I have done them previously in other classes. I have done the 6 section core competencies related to my work and work habits. During this activity I learned how to sort people and their beliefs/jobs and sort them into different sections. Foe example, I put Emily Carr Into the creative section and Kraig Kielburger into the more critical thinking side.

How can your knowledge of the core competencies help you in your school/personal life?

I can use my core competency knowledge and use it into my school work because I can take my projects and use different ways of approaching it. I could take some projects to a critical side, or social side, or creative side depending on what the project is itself.

Our core competency: