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This week we learned mainly about how solving for a triangle and finding the missing angle. I found this important because it is the base line to all of the questions in this unit and understanding how to solve these are super important.

Things I ask myself before doing a question: 

  • Is there a 90 degree angle?
  • Is there a 180 degree line?
  • Can I solve another side without calculations beforehand?

Example 1: 

  1. Starting with a very simple example: we have 65 degrees in one corner and 70 in another corner. 







2. First I add together the 65 and the 70. where I get 65+70=135

  • knowing I have 135, I now can figure out what to add in order to get 180.
  • I like to subtract the sum of the two angles to figure out what the missing side is.

3. Therefor I would have 180-135 which is 45. So the angle would be equal to 45.

to check my work: 70+65+45+180


Example 2: 

  1. This next example, I have this angle to solve. Starting off, I notice that it is a right angle which means that inner corner is 90 degrees.

2. now that we know it has to be equal to 90 degrees, we fill in the blanks.

3. So I have 16 degrees. 16+____=90?

4. You could do a few methods to find your answer, I like to use the angle given to find the missing angle. For this equation I did 90-16=74. Therefor, the missing angle is 74 degrees.



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