Week 1 Math Blog Post – Hannelie Jogha

One of the most important things we learned this week was solving an equation. I think this was one of the most important because it ties everything in this unit together and you have to start with solving an equation before anything else. I chose to talk about linear equations and the process of solving one.

  • A few things I try to remember while solving is to make sure I use the correct steps in order. In this specific case brackets would come first.
  • making sure you use negatives in the correct spots, and when a negative is used with another negative it becomes a positive.
  • Flipping the signs when dealing with negative numbers can also be a factor.
  • making sure you show your work to help you keep track and section off your calculations as you go.

Process for an example of an equation: First I chose the equation and looked into the steps I need to take because this equation makes it easier to understand the basic concept and steps for a more challenging equation.

  1.  With this example with this equation they have brackets therefor I would do that first. In this equation you take the number outside the bracket and multiply the numbers in the brackets going from left to right.

2. After I multiplied the numbers I have now have a smaller equation without the brackets. Now I need to isolate the Y and create an equation. For this specific equation I moved the 5y to the left, and moved the 6 to the right side. Therefor my equation became 3y-5y=-30-6.

3. Next I simplify that equation, therefor it became 2y=-36. I first did 5y-3y which is 2y, and then -30 – 6 is -36. which this now means I can now divide by 2.

4. watching my negative numbers and dividing both sides by -2, I have my final answer below.

I found this important because it is one of the main things we learned. After some practice I found this much easier to do and understand.

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