Neuron Post- Psychology 12

Dendrites  – They are made to receive and communicate to other cells. They use an electrochemical charges to communicate to the cell body. These look like trees which helps increase the area of the cell body. 

Axon-  An Axon is almost like a very thin and long cable which runs through your brain. Within this cable, It sections off into different parts. This is almost like a pathway for neutrons to transport to other neutrons.

Cell body- The cell body is where the nucleus is contained. The cell body connects to the “dendrites” which would travel through the axon to send messages to the other neurones.

Myelin Sheath- this is a layer over and forms around your nerves in your brain. This allows electrical impulses to get to other cells through the nerve at a quick speed.

Nodes of Ranvier- They allow the ions to go in and out of the neutron which sends electrical signals.

Terminal branches of axon- These are the end of the branches coming from the axon, the end of the branch is what is called the “terminal”. This is when a cell body is attached to another neutron.

  • All of these are connected through the axon with branches.
  • The Schwann cells are found in he central nervous system, their job is to protect and form a “layer” or shell around the neuron.

the Astrocytes are found in the central nervous system. 

The ependymal are found in the ventricles cells.  

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  1. Mr Horton
    December 18, 2020 at 9:39 pm (5 months ago)

    Great job but what are the functions of the glia cells. You have given the location but not what they do. This is important. Great diagram of the glia – good idea.


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