Desmos Self Portrait-Hannelie Jogha

This assignment we used demos as a tool to help us with our equations and seeing how each number fits into the graphing chart. We created a self portrait character that was made up of shapes that we needed. My character looks a little scary, but looks like it has a fun personality which I think represents me well. I used a blue and green outlining because those are my two favourite colours and I tried to make the other colours represent my natural hair and eye colours.


Write up-¬†This assignment we had to create a “self portrait” on demos graphing. This was challenging to figure out, but once you get started you start to see how it works it started to get a lot easier to form what you wanted. While making the portrait I found it most challenging to balance it all and get the sizes to be the exact size and space you want it in. For example, trying to get the hair to reach around your head, and not have it stick out or have it end in different places was one thing I had a lot of challenges with. But once you put in the coordinates of where you wanted to end it seemed to come together. I used different shapes when trying to create a portrait. I used linear, quadric, and circle reactions to create my character. I mostly used lines and circles to put my face together (eyes, brows, nose, mouth etc. ) ¬†Overall, this assignment really showed how equations can create many different shapes/lines and how playing around with the numbers made a huge difference in the graphing.

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