Paper Airplanes

In science class, we came up with a hypothesis related to paper airplanes. We stated that the more weight added to the front of a paper plane, the further it would fly. We then performed the experiment and after, we noted that our hypothesis was proven to be true. However, I think the experiment was flawed in many ways. Firstly, our paper airplane design did not fly very well, it just fell most of the time. Another flaw was that the person who was throwing the airplane did not trow it consistantly every time. Sometimes he threw it harder than others. Finally, there was not enough space to perform the experiment. Our plane hit tables, walls and boxes which affected the distance it flew. With all these flaws, it was actually very difficult to tell if our hypothesis was accurate or not.

Here are the results of our experiment:


And here is a picture of our planes:

Image preview

What I’d do differently next time would be finding a better plane design. The ones we made didn’t fly well so to do the experiment accurately it would have been better to use a more aerodynamic plane design. I learned that the designs and weights of paper and real-life planes can affect how they fly.