One Minute One take, short story “The Veldt”

Here is my group’s short story film.

the Veldt 1 – Small-1hmn61p


A) In our video, the veldt, we used a lot of props to create physical setting. We made use of the drama props, like the door, and they helped to create a more realistic  and accurate physical setting. We also had a screen with a blue sky and clouds in the background, and we added a couple of sound effects.

B) For charactarization, we tried to make our actions as accurate to the characters in the story. We incorporated the lines, actions and personalities that the characters portrayed. For our video though, we didn’t have one specific narrator, we all did it together (I hope we don’t lose marks for that.) Our group decided this together and I think it still turned out well.

C) For the plot, I think we included all the necessary elements. We had our intro: George and Lydia talking about the nursery. The initiating incident: George and Lydia go into the nursery and get scared by the lion. The rising action: the scene doesn’t change when George goes into the nursery again. The climax: the parents are about to shut off the nursery and go on a vacation. The falling action: The parents get a psychiatrist to look at the nursery. And conclusion: The kids lock the parents in the nursery and they get eaten.

D) I think the theme for the story is that you shouldn’t spoil your children. The story shows that doing this can have consiquences for the parents and also the children. I think we demonstrated this in our video through the actions and words of the characters.


When we first got assigned this project and all the jobs were laid out, I volunteered to write the script (my groupmates also wrote a little bit too). I had a couple ideas on what to include and what the charcters were going to say. I asked my group if they wanted to do the recording narrator style or like a normal play, with everyone saying their lines. They chose to do it like a play, which was fine by me. I also acted as Lydia in the video.

One thing I think I did well was writing the characters lines and reactions in the script. I think it portrayed the message of the story pretty well, and I think overall it was a success.

One thing I could have done better though, is write the script narrator style. I know that’s probably how we were supposed to write it, but I wanted to take my group’s opinions into consideration and so we ended up doing it like a play.

I think we communicated well as a group. We each did our jobs as planned, and even though there were some setbacks (like the snow) we still worked together and got it done.

–Also, I know when the video played the sound was too quiet, I’m not sure why. When I played it using my headphones the volume was normal and I could hear what everyone was saying. I don’t want to say it was the speakers because they were also working, but maybe if you rewatched it on a laptop it would work better? I’m also not sure why the video quality was terrible, sorry about that. We used a camera from one of the drama classes (with permission.)