Avoiding Stereotypes in the Media

In today’s world, media is all around us. With all the advertisements being absorbed, it is important for companies to make sure that they avoid using racist and sexist messages in their ads. Companies should take the simple and necessary steps to avoid offending or belittling people of certain race, culture, religion or gender. Something companies can start do is show the ad to people of different groups before releasing it and gather their reactions or opinions. The people making the ads might not be aware of how they come across to the public, gathering opinions from different people can help give insight about the messages and overall feel of the ad. Companies should also do their research before they release their ads. There is an abundance of information available on the internet that anyone can access. Learning about steriotypes and prejudice is not difficult and should be a necessary step for advertisers everywhere. Companies can also avoid making assumptions about who does and does not use their product. When this happens, they target their ads to certain groups and if not done correctly, can end up insulting people of that group or other groups. Simply having ads that appeal to everyone is a good way to avoid conflicts surrounding steriotypes, sexism and racism.

Society as a whole also needs to be informed about these issues. Many people are aware of sexism or racism, but don’t know the history behind why something is sexist or racist. Informing the public about what and especially why something is offensive to a certain group can help them become more aware of their own actions and behaviors. It is the next step in becoming a more accepting society and it can be done right now.

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