Community Connections

For my project, I interviewed my art teacher from last semester: Miss Collins.

As an art teacher, she had to learn a variety of different forms and techniques in order to be able to do her job. From sculpting to print making, we learned a lot of stuff in just one semester. This class was especially fun for me because we got to try so many new things. I mean, normally I wouldn’t go out and buy lino blocks and carving tools, but this class gave me the opportunity to do that anyway.

The reason why I chose to interview Miss Collins, was because we share a passion for art. We both love creating things, and working with our hands. And of course, I knew her personnally as my art teacher, so it was easy to make a connection.




I learned a couple of things that I didn’t expect in this interview. The first, being some of the challenges Miss Collins faced while persuing her job. Like she said in the interview, she found it difficult to afford going to university, which is a slight concern of mine as well. It’s so expensive to pay for your own education, and I admire Miss Collins for perservering even when it was tough. That’s the next thing I learned, it’s good to persue your dreams, even if you don’t have suppot from your family or friends. It’s a good lesson for all of us, and I think I’ll have to keep that in mind when I try to find my dream job, which, actually has nothing to do with art. Art is a big part of my life, I draw and paint all the time. However, I also have an interest in science. But the reason I couldn’t find a scientist to

interview was because I could not think of anyone that had the specific job I was thinking of, and of course, art is my main hobby, and I couldn’t pass up the chance to catch up with my former teacher!

I think I will always love art, even if I find a different job. Like I said before, it’s a big part of my life, and giving it up just doesn’t seem like an option for me. I think my passion for art will stay with me for as long as I live. Creativity never dies!



The first two images were sculptures made in Miss Collins art class, the second two were made by some of her other students.

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