Public Broadcasting – Is Public Broadcasting Still Relevant Today?


14-year-old Jacob and his older brother Mark are at CBC’s building. It’s Take Your Child to Work Day. Mark and Jacob’s Mother was unavailable, so Mark agreed to take Jacob to CBC where he works. They walk into the building. 

JACOB: Hey, thanks for taking me here. 

MARK: Yeah, no problem! It’s too bad mom was busy. 

JACOB: They should probably change this to “Take Your Family Member to Work Day”. 

MARK: (Laughs) Yep. 

They’re standing in the lobby now. There’s a sign on one of the walls, Jacob goes to look at it. It says: 

As a public broadcaster, our goal is to provide entertaining, enlightening and informative programming for the Canadian public. We value diversity in all aspects of our work, and we are committed to representing that diversity through the many concepts and stories portrayed in our content. 

JACOB: Wait, so CBC makes news right? 

MARK: We make a lot more than news. We make radio programs, documentaries, podcasts, TV shows, sports shows and a LOT more. We even have shows in French and indigenous languages. 

JACOB: Oh wow! Cool. 

MARK: Hey, why don’t I give you a tour, then we can get lunch somewhere. 

JACOB: Sure! 

After Mark shows Jacob around the facility, they go to a fast-food place and get stuff to eat. They sit down at a table. 

JACOB: So, I have a question. Public broadcasting is nice to have, but do we really need it? Like, it’s mostly funded by the government which means people are paying tax dollars for it, and there’s a lot of other TV shows already out there. Couldn’t that money be used for, like, hospitals or something. 

MARK: Yes, but public broadcasting has its benefits. We make lot of 

educational stuff. All those documentaries I was talking about, plus we make videos specifically designed to help children learn. 

JACOB: Like what? Sesame Street? 

MARK: Hey, you used to like that as a kid! 

JACOB: (Laughs) 

MARK: Anyway, we also make news programs, like you said. It’s meant to be very unbiased and 

present all sides. Did you know that people who watch the news on public broadcasting are better informed, more likely to vote and have more realistic perceptions of society than those who don’t? They’re also more likely to be accepting towards immigrants and have higher levels of social trust. 

JACOB: Wow, I’m more impressed at the fact that you remembered all of that. 

MARK: What can I say, Public Broadcasting has made me a better man! 

JACOB: Oh my gosh. 

MARK: I’m not done yet! 

JACOB: (Sighs) 

MARK: The CBC also investigates the cases of missing and murdered indigenous 

women. Many people don’t even know that 10 percent of all female homicides in Canada are for aboriginal women and girls. They’re being killed all around us and we don’t even know about it. 

JACOB: Insanity. 

MARK: I know! (Checks watch). I think we should head home soon. It’s getting kinda late. 

JACOB: Sure, let’s go. 

(I didn’t get a chance to finish the last 2 panels. All the relevant information is present already)


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Indigenous Podcast – Freefall

Freefall is a podcast about Nadine Machiskinic, a 29 year-old indigenous woman who fell down a laundry chute at Delta Hotel, Regina. At first, the police ruled her death an accident because of the mysterious circumstances in which she died. There are still a lot of unknowns in her case, which was made tedious by a series of mistakes by police and investigators. To learn more about her story, click the link below.

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Avoiding Stereotypes in the Media

In today’s world, media is all around us. With all the advertisements being absorbed, it is important for companies to make sure that they avoid using racist and sexist messages in their ads. Companies should take the simple and necessary steps to avoid offending or belittling people of certain race, culture, religion or gender. Something companies can start do is show the ad to people of different groups before releasing it and gather their reactions or opinions. The people making the ads might not be aware of how they come across to the public, gathering opinions from different people can help give insight about the messages and overall feel of the ad. Companies should also do their research before they release their ads. There is an abundance of information available on the internet that anyone can access. Learning about steriotypes and prejudice is not difficult and should be a necessary step for advertisers everywhere. Companies can also avoid making assumptions about who does and does not use their product. When this happens, they target their ads to certain groups and if not done correctly, can end up insulting people of that group or other groups. Simply having ads that appeal to everyone is a good way to avoid conflicts surrounding steriotypes, sexism and racism.

Society as a whole also needs to be informed about these issues. Many people are aware of sexism or racism, but don’t know the history behind why something is sexist or racist. Informing the public about what and especially why something is offensive to a certain group can help them become more aware of their own actions and behaviors. It is the next step in becoming a more accepting society and it can be done right now.

Photo source:

Advertising Target Market

The company that the advertisement was showing was Extra, a company that makes gum. I think the ad was intended to appeal to parents with children. I think that because it tells a story about a father and a daughter, who eventually moves out, but takes with her all the memories she made. Every person can relate to the ad to a certain degree, but it’s specifically parents who can relate more to the story shown in the ad.

Short Story to Screenplay – A Sound of Thunder

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For this project I turned Ray Bradbury’s short story, “A Sound of Thunder” into an adapted screenplay. The original story is a piece of narrative writing, as is the screenplay. However, the screenplay can also be considered as expository because it explains how to turn the story into a movie or show. When writing the screenplay, I used the necessary components such as the heading, action, character name, parentheticals and dialogue. They helped give lots of detail and depth to the story. I also used a lot of the same dialogue but changed the way they said the words. I did not want to make too many changes, as much of what the characters were saying was important to the plot and overall effect of the story. I did, however, add more description in the action lines of the screenplay to fill in the gaps left by the author in the story. I realize that I should have added more original dialogue that was not included in the story. In doing that, I would have had to keep with the same writing style and plot as the story without getting off track. I also learned how all the components of a screenplay help create a full, descriptive story, while at the same time directing actors in how to play their roles. It is definitely an intriguing way to tell a story, and it’s also fun to watch the movie when it’s done. I really enjoyed the process of transforming, “A Sound of Thunder” into a screenplay

Marionettes Inc. Paragraph

– What is the theme of the short story, “Marionettes Inc.”? (4 theme words)
– What is a thematic statement that can be associated with this short story?
– Explain the thematic statement in a minimum of four well-developed sentences

The short story, “Marionettes Inc.” by Ray Bradbury was extremely interesting and thought-provoking. It told the stories of two friends and a company that fabricates robots to look identical to real people. Some words that could be associated with the story are: emotional, selfishness, intelligence and betrayal. I chose these words because they were traits that both the human and non-human characters in the story had showed. A thematic statement one could pull from the story could be: One should be careful what they wish for. I chose that thematic statement because, in the story, Braling disliked his wife. It states that she had forced Braling into marriage and as a result, he could not travel to Rio, his dream vacation. After ten years of being married, he still wanted to travel to Rio, but his wife would not let him. He then bought a humanoid robot from Marionettes Inc. that appeared identical to him, so that he could travel to Rio while the robot spent time with his wife. However, later on the robot falls in love with Braling’s wife and rebels against him, shoving him into the cellar box and locking him in. Instead of talking with his wife and explaining that he didn’t love her, Braling found a different way to deal with his problem. He hoped that buying the robot would be an easy and perfect solution to his problem, but ultimately the solution he chose ended up being his downfall.

Internet Based Article – VPD

Vancouver Police Department Uses Drones For Investigations

VPD has purchaised 3 camera-equipped drones and by the end of the year, would like to use them to perform investigations and increase public safety. There are growing privacy concerns about these drones being used to observe citizens.

Image result for vpd privacy impact assessment drones

The VPD’s 13-page privacy impact assessment states that they will ensure that the drones do not invade people’s privacy and that all video footage that is not evidentiary will be deleted after 30 days. They also say that even though the drones can be used to collect personal information for law-enforcement purposes, they will not use them unless there’s an iminent risk to life and safety.

Some uses of the drones include:

  • Car crashes
  • Crime scenes
  • Disaster scenes
  • Search and rescue
  • Hostage situations
  • Death threat situations
  • Suicidal person
  • Barracaded suspects
  • Crowd monitoring
  • Directing police to criminal acts

Timeline Communication

Communication Paragraph

Communication is an essential part of people’s everyday lives. Without it, they would have no way of expressing emotions, questions, desires or knowledge. Even people as far back as 3500 B.C. found ways to communicate with one another.  

Although face to face communication is important, the particular form of written communication has been transforming society since the dark ages. In 3500 B.C. the first known writing system was created by the Sumerians in Mesopotamia. It was made up of pictographic symbols but later evolved into syllabic and alphabetic signs. It’s amazing to think that the modern-day alphabet could have originated from such an ancient language!  

People continue to use written communication in so many ways thanks to machines like the telegraph, typewriter and printing press. These machines helped exponentially in spreading the influence of written communication. Production of news articles and books increased after their invention which aided in spreading knowledge and information. Platforms like New York Times or Buzzfeed would not exist if it weren’t for the invention of the telegraph, typewriter and printing press. As the years went by, technology continued to advance and so did our methods of consuming written media. The invention of text messaging, iPhone and social media platforms has opened up a new world of digital practicality. Now, anyone can access news feeds online instead of reading a newspaper or even write that news article using a computer instead of a typewriter or printing press. Digital networks and devices have made it easier to access information than ever before. 

Written communication has evolved almost as much as people have. It continues to evolve even now, and even though we’re not always conscious of that fact, it’s still important to keep in mind for the future. It’ll be interesting to see what written communication will be like in 30 years.