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Video title: Can a multiverse ever be real?

By: Mike Merrifield

Date published: January 4, 2015

Link: http://learn360.infobase.com/PortalPlaylists.aspx?wID=272642&contentID=rXN9n1eLZes&channel=Sixty Symbols&chnID=36


COL Information Fluency:

1. What questions did you need to research in order to research your topic?

The first question I researched was my starting one: Are there other universes besides our own? After looking around, I found a website that explained the multiverse theory. As I was reading it, the website mentioned the oscillating universe theory, which I tried to research. I found that it had more to do with only our word, and not the possibilities of other worlds, so I continued to research the multiverse theory. I also noticed a website that explains more theories that could support the multiverse, but they were a little complicated for me to understand, which is why I didn’t explain them in my project. In general, I researched a lot of websites but kept using the three with the most relevant information, which are the ones I sourced in the project.

2. What new or familiar digital tools did you try to use as you worked through this project?

First, I used Destiny Discover. Through that, a couple artices from national geographic came up which I used and sited. Then, I also used Learn 360 for the video. One other thing that I used, was unsplash. It’s a website where people post pictures that others can download and use.

3. First, we had to do a free write of a couple things we were interested. Then, we wrote a question down on a sheet of paper, and passed it around the class so others could write and give feedback. After that, we sat down with a partner and gave each other suggestions on how to change or tweak our question to improve it. Finally, we decided on our question and started researching for our project.

4. I actually used the template that Miss Brandsma provided us, and not the citation tool. That’s because, for the national geographic aritcles, there was no citation tool and I wanted to be consistant. I could have googled a citaion generator, but the information required was relatively simple to access, so it wasn’t a problem.

5. I think I could have started researching sooner. Even though I finished on time, I could have taken more time to look over my information if I had started sooner. Other then that, I think this project went very well.

8 thoughts on “Wonder Project

  1. The multiverse theory is really cool. The part about bubbles surrounding each universe is really interesting.

  2. Interesting topic, it has great research and met all the requirements. your question was creative, and does bring people to realization of how small we really are in this universe……great work!

    1. I think scientists from around the world would be using new techniques to learn all about these other universes, and also if there’s other life forms there. It could affect how scientists do research, what meterials would be needed and also what goals they would want to accomplish. It would be an amazing discovery, we’d probably learn a lot of new things.

  3. I love how you took us through your thinking and learning process with this post. You have taken a good look into the question as to whether or not there are other universes. I appreciate how you have successfully asked and answered good questions and acquired and analyzed key information. Good work citing your sources. I would love to hear your response to Ms. Brandsma’s question.

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