English 9

Silver Lining

During the outbreak of coven-19, I had do my part of staying home and social distance. Bad things will happen and good things too. I had some silver lining that I could think of. I stayed home a few weeks now, since spring break. I found that there are many things you can do even though you are not outside. I did more cooking and drawing than I usually do, bake cookies, cook for my family and tried out new recipes! My sister and I baked many goods such as  matcha cookies, chiffon cake, chocolate muffins and my family loved it. I made different coffees for my mother as she always needed it. I read the book that I wanted to read. Started to do work-out to keep myself healthy. When I was bored I would find something I could do, try out new things that I never done before, which helped me found some new hobbies! I think overall I had spent my time more productive! My family are always busy with our own work, we don’t spent as much time together. But because of the quarantine, most of my family members stayed home, we can actually relax and have some family time together. We do things that we don’t usually do, like watching movies or dramas together, play board games, etc. All this silver lining also help me realized how grateful I should be, that I can be healthy to do hobbies that I like and be with my family. Thank you for all the medical workers and people who tried help the world go through this hard time.


FlipBook – “The Biggest Moccasins in the World”

This is a flip book I did based on the short story “The Biggest Moccasins in the World” by Richard Van Camp. I really enjoyed doing it and I think it is really interesting how I could present my project in a different way.

Circle Talk Reflection

 How did this experience reflected this principle?

1. How can one learn through oral communication?

We can learn about different people’s background. The way First Nation do, how they honour their ancestor, their songs. Each activities help us learn more about each other, know who we are and culture of the territory we are on.

2. How did this exercise build community in this room?

We listen and connect with people in the room. Learn more about them, even people who we never talked to. We get to know about who they are, their family, their worries and their favourite memories. The circle created a comfortable environment to let us share our feeling, without feeling scared or embarrassed, it made us feel like we are sharing story with our friends rather than strangers.

Core Competencies 

In this activities, I demonstrated Positive Learning & Cultural Identity. We identify who we are, the culture of the First Nation and builded connection with each other. Each of us had a chance to respect and honour our family and ancestor, also listen and respect other.


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