CLE 10

Staying Safe at Work

1. 3 things I will do to stay safe at work are… 

I will ensure that I have proper safety information and training received from proper instructor, I would always ask if I have any question. It is also important to make sure that I am working in a safe environment, I would look around my surrounding to make sure there are nothing dangerous. Lastly, I would refuse unsafe work, I would not work a condition that I think is not safe.

2. 2 things I will do to keep others safe at work are… 

I will make sure my co-worker follow safety rules and instruction properly and look after them if they need help in order. I would need to work with other people in any workplace, keeping my co-workers safe also keep me safe.

3. Which story about a workplace accident stuck with you the most? Why? 

The workplace that stuck with me the most is the girl who lost three fingers. I think this is a common mistake many made, they may think this wouldn’t happen to them or they knew they wouldn’t do that. Yet sometimes people just didn’t think that much, such as the girl in this incident. She did not ask other to help when the dough got stuck and she did not turn off the machine before she put her hand in there. It is important to pay attention to your surrounding as even the smallest thing can be dangerous.

Hannah’s Goal

Personal goal statement:

I will learn how to read the Korean alphabet within 1 month. I will watch online Korean video lessons to learn how to properly pronounce the alphabet. I also plan to memorize at least 4 letters every day and do a short Duolingo lesson whenever I have free time. I will ask my friends who speak Korean for help whenever I have questions. When I lose my motivation to achieve my goal, I will remind myself why I started this goal or find a learning buddy to achieve the goal with me.  

Academic goal statement: 

By the end of this year, I will improve my grades for all my subjects by 10%. I will take notes in class and review my notes few days before tests. I will also write deadlines in a planner and plan a work schedule. To give myself a better understanding of my learning, I will discuss assignments and lessons with my friends. When I have questions, I will ask my teacher for help.  

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