Part 1

058 Cerium - Periodic Table of Elements
Cerium is an chemical element with atomic number 58 and the symbol Ce, its atomic mass is 140.116. It was discovered in 1803 by Swedish chemists Jöns Jacob Berzelius and Wilhelm Hisinger. The name cerium was named after the Roman God of agriculture. Cerium is in the group of Lanthanides and one of the most abundant among the rare earth material. It is a lustrous, reactive and soft metal. It could be light to fire, its fire have beautiful sparks. It has a silver grey colour to it. You can find cerium in allanite or orthrite, monazite, bastnasite, cerite and samarskite. It reacts with water, bases, hydrogen gas, acids, and other metals, it reacted slowly in cold water and rapidly in hot water. Cerium is used for mischmetal alloy and polish optical products, it is also used as flint in cigarette and gas lighters.

Fun Facts:

1. Cerium cause about $57 per 100 grams

2. About 0.0046% of the weight of the Earth’s crust are makes up by Cerium.

3. The top 3 cerium producing countries in the world are China, Russia, and Malaysia.

Part 2

 1) What questions did I need to research in order to research my topic?

 – What are Cerium?

 – Who discovered Cerium?

– Is Cerium toxic?

– Is Cerium a metal or a non-metal?

– What do we used Cerium for?

– What do Cerium reacted with?

– Where could we find Cerium?

 2) What new or familiar digital tools did I try to used as I worked through this project?

I used sources like Google to do research, Easybib for citation machine and CC search for the photos of Cerium.

 3) What was the process I used to investigated this topic?

I searched up “Cerium”, then I read some articles and write out this post!

 4) How did I verify and cite the informations I found?

I would look at multiple website and if they have similar informations, I know it is true. I cite my sources by using “Easybib”and I only take pictures from “CC Search” where I don’t have to worry copy right problems as long I cited it.

 5) How did the process of completing the challenge go? What could I have done better? 

I think the project went overall pretty well, I found many information that I could used. But I think my questions could be more deep.


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