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This project was an interesting one for me, at first I thought it would be very straightforward and easy to complete but I proved myself wrong. It was time consuming and frustrating at times but it did give me a much better and visual understanding of equations and graphing. I came across many challenges, the biggest one being getting the equations to fit together, it took a lot of effort and redoing but I am happy with the outcome. An ‘aha’ moment for me was when I figured out how easy it was to move equations with transformations, I was able to move the snow glow over so that my self portrait could fit in it, also when I learned how to shade my face was a big aha moment. I did get a bit of help, from my friends, just comparing equations and making sure I had at least one equation from each unit in my card. This assignment helped me with my knowledge of transformations of functions and relations because it gave me a visual of what I am making and graphing and I feel more comfortable with them now.

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