This week in math, we finished out unit on Graphing Inequalities and Systems of Equations, even though I struggled with a few of the lessons, I really did enjoy the unit, I thought it was interesting and it definitely added on from last year (shading, finding more than one solution, introducing parabolas, solving algebraically).

I wasn’t in class for one of the lessons, and it was one of the most confusing lessons of the unit so I had to ask a lot of questions and just read through the textbook myself, but I thought it was pretty interesting in the end. Basically, you are given two equations (for the most part, they equal y) so then what I do is:

  • I take one equation and replace it with the y
  • Then I move everything to one side, adding like terms and making one side equal to zero
  • Then when I have my equation, I factor it and find my zeros
  • I have my zeros (x-values) but I still need to find my y values
  • So I plug my x-values into the ORIGINAL equation and get my y
  • It should work, but to be sure, try it with both equations

Here is an example:

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