We were given a math problem to work on in partners/groups of three. Essentially, we were asked to find the volume of The Barrier on Garibaldi Lake. What would happen if The Barrier faulted and how much water would escape?

1.   Volume of the barrier:

9.94km^2 (SA) = 9940 m^2

9940m x 118m = 1,172,920 m^3

1,172,930m^3 /3 = 390,973.3m^3

390, 973. 330L = Volume of the barrier


2.  If the barrier faulted, I would naturally assume/guess that around half the water would escape so

390, 973. 330 L x 0.50 = 195, 486. 665 L would escape the barrier


Average Depth – 118m

Surface Area –  9.94km squared or 9 940 000 m squared



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