Our goal was to develop a soccer ball using dry spaghetti and mini marshmallows and this is how it turned out:

1. Our Process: We started out by building several large pentagons and hoped we could put them together in the shape of a sphere and form a soccer ball in the end. Shortly after, we realized that the pentagons we had made were too big and they would eventually fall over so we made them smaller and decided it would be stronger that way anyways. We were about to put them together when we had run out of time so we never got to test it out.

2. What we learned during this small project is that building the pentagons bigger made the structure not strong enough to stay together so we changed them to be smaller. Another thing we learned (watching the video Ms. McArthur showed us about the history of soccer balls) is that our project would have been much more simple and beneficial if we had built plenty triangles instead of pentagons.

3. This is related to math because it is essentially a problem of geometry and it involves problem solving and brainstorming the best way to put together a soccer ball with some dry spaghetti and mini marshmallows. We also worked as a group to think of many different ways it could work out.

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