Math has always been my favourite subject in school, it was the class I always looked forward to. In elementary school, multiplying and dividing were my favourite units but as I grew older and as the numbers got bigger and more difficult, I found it a bit confusing. In middle school, my best unit was graphing/data because I loved how there were many different graphs and it was just really simple for me. I guess my favourite thing about math in general is being able to show your work and knowing whether it’s right or wrong by checking your answer because you can’t do that for many other subjects. ┬áMy strengths are being able to clearly show my work and I can solve problems pretty easily but the only thing that I struggle with is memorizing the formulas, I need to write it down and review it a couple times before completely understanding what i’m actually doing. Also, I have trouble adding, subtracting, dividing, etc. big numbers in my head, it takes me a while and even then it’s really hard for me so I always like to have a pen and paper by my side just incase. I see myself having a career in math and/or science when I get older because no matter how much time it takes me or how difficult it may become, it’s been and probably always will be my favourite subject.

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