Today in class we did the bubble gum lab.


My hypothesis was supported because gum B or Big league chew was the gum that stretched the furthest and was blown the largest.

How does the gum stretchability relate to the bubble size?

  • In order for a bubble to be blown, the gum must be very stretchy. The more stretchy the gum is the bigger the bubble size will be.

With your lab partner, list 5 variables that may affect the outcome of this experiment.

  1. How long ago the gum was chewed.
  2. The temperature/ moisture of the gum.
  3. The total mass of the gum
  4. If both partners participated in the chewing of the gum vs. one partner alone.
  5. How long the gum was chewed for, ex. 1 minute appose to 4 minutes.

Explain how the data you collected can be described as both qualitative and quantitative.

  • Gum B was stretchier then gum A. Gum B was longer then gum A by 2.86cm.

Were SI units used in this lab? explain.

  • Yes, I used Cm to measure the diameter of the bubble, And Cm qualifies as SI units.