interconnectedness whirligig theme

interconnectedness or what is also referred to as the domino effect comes into play a lot in whirligig. this word means that whatever you do or say can connect people without physically being connected.

Brent is connected to the man from Miami and Alexandra and Steph just in different ways. They may not have ever met the each other but they are connected through the whirligig’s that Brent has put up at each corner of the united states. Brent was sent by Mrs. Zamora, Lea’s mother to make these whirligigs. Lea was a girl who ended up getting killed in a car crash. Brent was the one to hit her after getting bullied by some boys at a party and getting rejected by the girl he likes. Brent drove off angrily and drunk. he blanked out and hit Lea.
“We never know all the consequences of our acts. They reach into places we can’t see. And into the future, where no one can.” (P.38)
Now Lea’s mother wanted Brent to honor her by making whirligigs just like the ones Lea made as a child.

Brent made a few more connection with other people. he mad a physical connection with Emil, the german boy. He wanted to see the world like this man. wanted to be that man. Brent also connected with the cyclist. Brent also made a connection with a man or women who he has never or nor will meet. Brent bought a whirligig book and inside were sticky notes filled with helpful tools. the person who wrote these became connected to Brent.

“How does the influence of others impact our own lives?” This inquiry quote fits this topic perfectly. For Brent’s case it was the sticky notes in the book, Emil and the cyclist. For Alexandra and Steph they became connected to brent and Lea through the Whirligig. The Miami man was connected to Brent and Lea through his whirligig. they all became connected in a different way. they may not know each other but they are connected through this one project. these whirlgigs brought everyone together.

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