Silent Film Narrative Assignment



He’s walking down the path,

the path of great health,

the path to guide success,

soon to be bless.


A happy walkin doggo,

When soon fellow furs blows.


Surprised look of prize’s,

he knew he had to be wise.

He had trouble learning, but he noticed ACE

and it sparked him great grace.


He was put up to final test,

and it got him all stressed.

He messed up on his best,

and it took him midwest.


He walked away with a frown upside down

when he see’s an old lady in need of help in town.

He finds himself a purpose,

it’s time for him to interpose.

He takes her to safety and got cheered on,

that’s the biggest lesson of all.


He is rewarded with a cap

he feels as if he has escaped,

To a new beginning

with his tail all wiggling.


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