Life is about experiences

Realities of high school.

The first day of grade 9, I walked into the school and my heart started beating fast, anxiety started to rush up. I was very nervous.

Growing up and seeing a certain perspective of high school on TV is extremely different from reality. Watching things on TV makes kids hope and wish for things to be the same way, but they never were. There is no such thing as “most popular guy” or “most popular girl” at school. There are no groups of nerds in the corner of each classroom and there certainly aren’t any bullies or mean girls pushing you to lockers and forcing you to give up your lunch money. I can’t speak for everyone and say there is no such action, but for the most part, you don’t see them acting in the same way as we saw on TV. Kids expect romantic love stories and food fights. High school is not what I was expected to expect. Everyone around me has made jokes about how a school is a jail cell, I could not agree. I mean, we are totally stuck behind medal bars for countless hours and days that lead up to 4 years. Assignments, projects, and homework are equivalent to cleaning washroom’s, toilets and taking orders.

Leaving middle school and entering high school, everyone around me spread apart. Some end up going to a new school, some simply leave to meet new people and others stick around. No one ever expects to walk into a school and become friends with anyone. I had to learn to teach myself to be confident in a conversation with someone new, join new groups when sitting in new classes and just being outgoing and myself. Doing all these little things helped me to gain new friends and to feel more comfortable at school and around people. School is more relaxed then schools on TV as they dramatize everything. In real life, the unfolding drama is not nearly as extreme from what I have experienced.

Every minute I praised to become a senior as I would live my last year in high school. but its the little memories such as field trips, cooking, cool science labs, all my friends, the fun, and freedom we teens have that will be missed.

In conclusion. Television has scripted high school in a completely different way in which I have experienced in real life. high school wasn’t exactly planned the way I assumed but I’m liking it the way it is.

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