Information fluency

3 strategies for determining how reliable a webpages information is:

  1. Find the writer or owner of the page
  2. Check other sites to know the information on the page is right
  3. Look at the overall presentation of the website

URL of one publication from the library database:

How to got there:

  1. Go on to riversides school website
  2. Click on “Library”
  3. Log into your school username
  4. Click on “CLICK HERE!”
  5. Then find “EBSCO Databases”, and under that you click on “Academic Search Premier”
  6. Than enter the user: riversiderapids and password: library
  7. Than you can search whatever article you are interested in

What I learned:

I learned how to determine if a website is fake or real.


Library page logon use your school log on: and your school password

Ebsco logon: riversiderapids

PW: library

Gale PW: student

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