Paragraph – Wonderful “JU”

Wonderful “JU”

   Wonderful “JU” is the restaurant located in China, Shenzhen. The restaurant’s sight is a Chinese word “聚” with black color and with the red background. When I came to the whole restaurant is full of laughter; everyone is chatting about recent business or interesting things. The atmosphere is relaxed because it feels like home. Although you can hear the same language spoken by others, you won’t mind, as long as you don’t want to be too loud. That gives a feel like at home nobody will care what you saying, what you do. I start to order, I order Sweet and sour pork ribs, Pickled fish, Fried Cabbage, Steamed tofu. The service is very nice; they will ask you what type of tea you want to drink. Then when you want to order, they will recommend the most popular dishes, and they will advise how many people should order how many dishes to eat. When I am waiting for my order, I look through the decor and furniture. The Decor and furniture give you a very simple but not the same feeling as other restaurants, light-colored tablecloths, and dark wood chairs. The very special part is that the chair sculpture with the dragon’s look. Finally, my dishes are coming; I can smell it far away because the smells are too good.  The Sweet and sour pork ribs including pork ribs, tomato sauce, and Pineapples. I picked up a pork rib and can wait to eat it, I go for one bite. It is very crispy outside and inside is so tender, and I can’t wait for eat one more. Pickled fish is the favorite one, it uses fermented vegetables and fish and lots of chilis mix together and become a delicious dish. I don’t really the fish but the reason why I order this dish is that the fermented vegetables are as good as the first time you smell it. It tastes spicy and sour, but the point is that when I eat the first piece and I can not stop my mouth. Fried Cabbage is a unique Chinese dish, it is unique because every restaurant does not make the same taste and it is delicious or not depends on different people. But the fried Cabbage of this restaurant is fit on me, the vegetable won’t be too soft or too hard to eat, and the taste won’t be too sour or tasteless the taste just right. Steamed tofu is my second favorite, in the middle of the tofu include pork. And the tofu like a marshmallow when you put in your mouth it and melt it like a marshmallow. I eat tofu with pork together gives a new taste, it melts in your mouth but you also can taste the meat. After eating all of those foods feel like I cannot walk cause my stomach is full of those delicious foods. The prices are economical when you have a lot of friends together. Because it seems that a dish is expensive but it will be cheap when all people are evenly divided. In conclusion, “JU” restaurant is the restaurant I would prefer when you are going to a Chinese restaurant when people go to China. It cannot say a fancy restaurant, but they use their heart to make every dish.