Fahrenheit 451 Reflection

Our group is doing P. 59-65, and my job for this part is Visual Enhancer and Vocabulary Enricher. for the Visual Enhancer is drawing art to express my ideas and create a visual effect on the class. And the Vocabulary I have chosen can be found on the page, it is better understanding the words in the story and how those words connect with the novel.



Huge Improvement on Tech in China -bloglog1-2019

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The newest Huawei Mate X, the phone which has two screens that can be folded or used together. I find this article attractive because I’m interested in new science and technology, also this indicates that Chinese have improvements in electronic technique. This is a descriptive article, the author used lots of adjectives and numbers to prominent this new phone. I’m looking forward to this because it’s convenience, it’s a cell-phone and an iPad at the same time. It gives an image of Chinese technology in the future, and human taking step by step in the tech. This product represents a new era of using technologies, our life would be easier with all the science.