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Clone is a biotechnology, cloning an organism means creating a new organism with same DNA and genetic information. Clone a gene means take a part of gene from an individual and put into an other individual that can use to research and use it again.

How are clones made? Clones are created through somatic cell nuclear transfer, an approach to cloning in which the nucleus of an egg cell is replaced with the nucleus of a somatic, or non-reproductive, cell from a person to be cloned. 

Clone example: People clone animals. In 1963, a sheep called Dolly. It uses nuclei transplant to an adult somatic cells, then it become a new organism. Dolly is the first successful mammal in the world. 

Clone in the future: Now this technology used in to mammal and oviparous. In the future, Clone may happen in a person. When people’s body decline, we could use clone put new nuclei in people’s body and cultivate new cells, then let people live longer.