Safety Tips

  1. Fire (i.e. what to do if one happens) – If the pan is on fire, we should turn off the heat first, then we can either use baking soda or use a lid to cover the pan.
  2. Burns/Scalds (i.e. how to treat) – Use water to cool the burns/Scalds first, then bandage the burns/Scalds.
  3. Chemicals – Stay away from the Chemicals if don’t know what is for. Ask before using them.
  4. Slips/Trips/Falls (i.e. how to prevent) – If oil drop on the floor should clean up immediately. Away keep the floor dry.
  5. Cuts (i.e. how to prevent/how to treat) – For preventing cuts, be careful before doing every cut. Use a knife correctly. For treating cuts, Clean the scalds by water and alcohol cotton. Bandage the Scalds.
  6. Heavy Lifting (i.e. of a bag of flour) – Fill up the flour into a container carefully. If drop some on the floor, use some wet kitchen towels to clean up.
  7. How to Prevent Food Poisoning – Don’t use expired food. do not eat the things that don’t know what it’s for.
  8. Waste Management – separate foods and waste. throw the garbages before seeing what is a waste, plastic or etc.
  9. Personal Hygiene – Always wash hand by soap. Always wash hand before and after eating. Grab foods by Fork.

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Fahrenheit 451 Reflection

Our group is doing P. 59-65, and my job for this part is Visual Enhancer and Vocabulary Enricher. for the Visual Enhancer is drawing art to express my ideas and create a visual effect on the class. And the Vocabulary I have chosen can be found on the page, it is better understanding the words in the story and how those words connect with the novel.



Huge Improvement on Tech in China -bloglog1-2019

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The newest Huawei Mate X, the phone which has two screens that can be folded or used together. I find this article attractive because I’m interested in new science and technology, also this indicates that Chinese have improvements in electronic technique. This is a descriptive article, the author used lots of adjectives and numbers to prominent this new phone. I’m looking forward to this because it’s convenience, it’s a cell-phone and an iPad at the same time. It gives an image of Chinese technology in the future, and human taking step by step in the tech. This product represents a new era of using technologies, our life would be easier with all the science.