Canadian Arctic

PG. 23

1. What kind of food do the Arctic people eat? They ate fishes like whitefish , Arctic Char and tout , walrus , white whales and some caribou. They also ate blue geese , ducks , sea pigeons , gulls , terns,  and gathering eggs and berries .

2. Would you eat the same food? yes , like whitefish , ducks , and berries

3. What their housing look like? The y lived in tents all winter because the place that they lived didn’t have enough snow to build the snow house . They were waking up each morning  because it was so cold .

4. Could you live with the Arctic? No , I can’t . Because it’s so hard to live in the tent specially in the cold or hot weather.

PG . 32 

1. Why are people relocating all the time? Because They were looking for the good temperature weather and  the resources of food .

PG. 43 

1. Why are there so many Indigenous peoples of the Arctic countries?  Because they like to explore new things like new place

2. Did the numbers surprise you? Why or why not ?

 Yes it surprised me because I think it so hard because of the temperature and there not enough food to eat .