Microsoft word

1. Describe your project .

For national research project, I wrote something about Iran such as:Geography , Indusrty , Tourism highlights and …

2. What did you learn?

I learned how to put the background on my project.

3. What are you proud of your project?

I am proud to be able to share information about my mom’s culture with my classmates.

By : Flora

Blender Project


  1. Describe your project.

First of all I made the toy truck , then I planned  mountains , and after that I made the animation.

2. what did you learn. 

I leaned how to make  things with geometric shapes.

3. What are you proud of your project.

I’m proud of  my project because I could made such as good animation.


movie poster /photoshop

  1. movie poster-Photoshop


1.Describe your project.

I made the movie poster , and it  has two actors ,and it calls 2 sisters.

2.what did you learn?

I learned how to insert the pictures and how to size pictures in Photoshop.

3. What are you proud of with this project?

I am proud of with this project because  I learned how to work with photoshop.

French (Doulingo) app review

  1. How does the app help users build skills or learn content?

– It’s increasingly difficult vocabulary after you answer questions correctly.

–  It’s asks questions, uses pictures, game style format, uses your voice and provides constant feedback ( like a digital teacher).

2. How intuitive is the app? Is it self explanatory or does it take a long time to figure out?

– It’s very user friendly because it has clear instructions.It uses pictures to guide you and has help feature.

3. What innovative elements does the app utilize?

– The app uses voice recognition to recognize your voice and gives you feedback accordingly. It’s also recognizes the vocabulary you already know and teaches you accordingly. As well , it uses a game style format with levels, awards and evaluation technology .


My Digital footprint

      1. How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities?Give at least two example.

It could be effect on my job,my friends,my school and my bank account because of my digital footprint.


        2.Describe at least three strategies  that you can use to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe.

  1. I could create my own personal rules.
  2. Be careful how I use my digital footprint.
  3. Choose safe things to do. I could choose safe activities to do.
  4. I can watch who I am in connect with.


image        image

        3.What information did you learn that you could pass on to other students? How would you go about telling them?

That the digital footprint had major effect on my future

opportunities and it is safer to use my own digital footprint. I

have stronger sense of control over my own future, and my life. And what is on YouTube as well.

image   image







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