Life of love spoken word

Life of love

By: Flora Salimi

When you first opened your eyes

You saw your family

When you began to talk

When You began to walk

They taught you

Family loves you

They forgive you

They inspire you

Crack open the door

Oh, family is waiting for you

Tick tock tick tock

Time is ticking

Go spend your time

In their warm embrace

When they’re gone

You will never reach the same world of happiness

you are alone

so, spend your time

In their warm embrace

Before you breathe your final sigh

When you’re sick

They stay up late

To see how you are

Without thinking of themselves

They sing the song

They are strong

Family means everything

Family means you own the world

Family means happiness

Family means loving each other

No matter how great you are

No matter how many losses you take

Love is as boundless as a vast lake

Many times, you’ve been broke

Every second when you stroke

Family will always be here

And our family will always be there

Tell me what family means to you
Is it all the little special things one another do
Or is it the bond that one another has
Maybe it’s the love from one generation to another

Family is more than a six-letter word
It is a word that often needs to be heard
Family is more than relatives -they are friends
Friend that will stick with you to the very, very end

A family bond is stronger than ever
Because it can overcome any stormy weather

A family stands tall no matter how hard they fall
Uniting as one with their backs against the wall

That is simply what a family does
Helping you become a better you

So when you think about the word family
Think beyond just the background history

When you think of your family

You become more strong

More powerful


Doesn’t matter how much money you have

No matter the size of your house

No matter how many people you can buy

But can you buy a family?

Like they say an empty house is not a home
And a true faithful family never stands alone


When you feel depressed

When you are hopeless

Go home

Crack, open the door

Oh, family is waiting for you

two things that I’m proud of :

I used poetic devises like Imagery, simile, metaphor, and I’m glad that I made eye contact with the audience.

two that I have to improve next year: 

Next time I have to improve my speech speed, and I need to memorize my spoken word.

obstacles I encounter and how I solve them:

I decided to write about the importance of the family. I was so nervous because I thought I couldn’t make it and that’s going to be to short, but then I decided to write things that I know about my family and then I add them all together.

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