The life of Zoe-Short film


   The theme of the story is don’t be friends with someone who betray your trust and jealous to see your successful, the real friends is who stick by you in all situation (in hard times and joyous times).

        Throughout the filming- we chose specific scenes in different places because we wanted to make our short film interesting and engaging for the people who are watching it, both visually and story-wise. We also tried to make it in different scenes so it won’t be boring. 

      When we were doing this project I learned that while I’m doing the filming I have to do some zoom in and out to make it better. I also learned that how to make it engaging but taking different shots, and how to act and film to make it more realistic. Also I learned about my personality like how important is friendship for example I learned: I have to be honest with my friends in any situation and if my friends did something or said something wrong I shouldn’t talk behind their back I should say it to their face.

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