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Here are 3 the plugins that I have recently added to my blog.

Compfight Safe Image
Google Maps
3D Rotating Tag cloud








CompFight – Is a quick way to search and insert images into the post. What is great about it is that once activating it, it added a new button on posts and by searching a simple word (ex. flowers or whatever is the topic of the post) instantly photo relevant to what was searched. The only problem is that its not directly getting images from Google, Bing or other browsers, its mainly has its own data base of photos.

Google Maps – is a plugin allowing to easily embed Maps into the posts, pages and sidebars, along with the options of labeling location, display local images and get directions. The benefit of having this plugin is that for research post about a place and with this, Google maps can be embed and displayed into the post instead of say, going onto Maps and screenshotting the researched location. Its similar to the ‘Add Document’ plugin if you know it. By clicking on the added button by the Add media, and Google maps would pop up and it would allow to add different markers on the map, then by clicking insert, it would place an embed code into the post. Before publishing, preview the post and check if its working.

3D Rotating Cloud – is a cool plugin to use to personalize a blog. Its used to make the simple soon to be long list of tags on the sidebar of the blog look more interesting and compacts the tags together so it doesn’t stretch down the sidebar when it does get long. Once activated and after adding the widget, in the blogs sidebar would be a literal cloud of spinning tags that moves when the mouse is over it. However, for it to work the device your on would require a Flash Player 9 or better, else it would remain as a list.


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