Data analysis thought

I was able to confirm the fact that Social Media can affect badly to society. I could not help myself from smiling while I was reading this article because it was absurd and funny that the account of someone we do not know, they can actually exist on our Social Media where we share a lot of information by becoming friend with them. However, I thought it would be really serious problem if we do not prevent ourselves from becoming friends with people with fake identity.


After I read this article, my expectation about the technology of social media has gone down. As it was mentioned in the article I read, if we cannot identify what is fake or not, we will end up wasting our emotions and getting the false information. The posts that have made to get the attention from people make people believe easily. Due to that, most people provide help as much as possible or share the posts to other people. Even some people criticize who are innocent by the fake posts. People do not know whether they are doing right things, or they are doing pointless things until the post found be fake. Therefore, we would feel betrayed and when we see posts that are based on true fact, we would not be able to believe.


We can meet many people who have same culture or background through social media. These days, many advertising agents use that fact to advertise. There are many advertisements on Social Media we see often. Its effect is really dramatic. When we see the advertisement on Social Media, it is easy to be misled as much as we use social media although we know that is an advertisement. Then, advertising agents have done their job and social media has done its duty as a medium for advertising. It can be an advantage of Social Media.