People are all different


People are all different

Races에 대한 이미지 검색결과


“Why fu**ing Asians here!” It was in the afternoon Downtown Vancouver. There was only silence between my friends and me. It was because of the nice gift that the homelessness gave us.

In October, 2017, my friends and I took a sky train bound for Downtown Vancouver. I was excited about going downtown because it was the first time going to a place other than Coquitlam. After we got off the sky train, the first word I said was “Wow!” There were numerous tall buildings, much more cars and way more people than Coquitlam’s. Not only was the city busy, but my heart beat busily too. We all wanted to look around, so we began walking on the street right away. However, our bellies fluctuated and shouted for some food. It was as no wonder, as we did not eat anything so far, from in the morning, and it was 2:00 in the afternoon. We decided to eat late brunch, therefore, we entered a sushi restaurant across the street.

The menu we chose were various kinds of Roll, Nigiri, and Udon. The dishes were expectedly great. The salmon pieces swam on my tongue, and the grains of rice ran around whole inside of my mouth. I smiled as looked around my friends. I could know that they were feeling same thing as mine. Ecstasy.

Our bellies did not cry anymore, so we started to restart walking on the street. Although the cold wind from the ocean passed by my cheeks, I was just excited. The noise of people talking, walking, and running sound of cars dived into my ears. It was the spirit of the city, I thought.

On my way, among a bunch of people, my friends and I found the old steam clock across the street. It was even famous in Korea, so I already knew what the steam clock was. I took me in a picture with the steam clock and took some photos of my friends too. Then, on the way, I ran into an old black homeless guy. He was like a hyena looking for food. We stared into each other’s eyes for a moment. Then, I was going to turn my eyes away, and he yelled, “Why fu**ing Asians are here!”

The sound fell on my ears like a bolt from the blue. My head creaked toward him. ‘Did he just say that to us?’ I faced his contemptuous gaze. There were 6 “Asians” including me in front of the old homeless guy. I was one hundred percent sure that he meant us. At that time, the one of my experiences passed into my head. At school in Canada, I was reading a sentence on a card in PE class. My pronunciation was terribly bad, and I had come to know that more clearly by a “White” boy, Mika’s saying: “What? What are you saying? I cannot understand at all!” After his shouting, nobody made sound. Only the White guy, Mika giggled with his friends. My stereotype about “White” people grew up quickly. It was the first moment I experienced racism directly after I came to Canada. I could not say anything to him at the time, because I was embarrassed although I do not know the reason why. After that happening, Mika’s indirect joke didn’t stop. Nevertheless, it was different now. I have learned that if I do not say anything, she/he will not change what they do to me. I spited out loudly: “Shut up! Sibalnoma (which means bastard in Korean)!” The old homeless guy and the all people on the street looked at me, as far as I can I feel, and I realized what I just did. My ears turned to red, my fist shacked. I could not say anything again. I regretted it.

The homeless guy laughed. Then, he called one of the cops who were across the street, dealing with the parking problem. ‘The cop will laugh at me. He will be racist to me just like the other Whites,’ I thought. The cob walked toward us and stopped in front of the old homeless guy, and asked, “Yes, is there anything you need?” I stared at the two guys talking. I felt there was an inextricable atmosphere I do not know how to explain. While the two guys were talking, I could not cut in. I was in panic. After they finished their conversation, the cop turned his neck toward me. I acted as I was not nervous at all, and I would have looked like that if I had not answered faster than the cop even asked me. “He said Why fucking Asian are herefirst.” The cop seemed disconcerted by my behavior. There was silence for 5 seconds, and he opened his mouth: “I apologize for his rudeness.”

The cop’s answer was a distinctly different reaction than I thought. ‘…He apologized?’ My eyes rolled toward his eyes. I was only then that I could see his face right. He was apologizing to me sincerely. I was only then that I could hear the sound right. Nobody laughed at my reaction to the homeless guy’s rudeness, as Mika and his friends did. I realized that I was also a racist. I always thought the people related to their races. The old homeless guy, Mika, and this cob. They were also a victim of my racist thoughts. Not all people are racist. My mouth and eyes drew curved line on my face. I smiled. I answered to the cop: “Thank you,” and “I’m sorry too.”

It was the moment when I realized the truth: I don’t have to be scared and negative all the time because the types of people, including me, are all different and various, the cop’s apologizing.

Staying Safe at Work

관련 이미지

I have watched many videos for work safe, and Mathew’s deep fryer oil burn accident was the most impactive to me. it was because the part-time job I am looking for now is related to cooking. After watching the five different work safe presentations, I have learned that I should refuse when the work I get is too dangerous. Also, the employer should teach me a right work safe of the job. For my work safe at workplace, I will learn basic ways to do work safe for all jobs. However, when I interview for job, I will ask how to stay safe at the workplace where I am going to work, and what the company will do when I get accident in detail to the interviewer. As I work, If I do not know how to do exactly, I will not mind asking to other workers. However, there are the things I can do for other’s safe at workplace. When accident is happened to others, I will call 911 right away. Also, I will master First Aid before I have a job.


Indian Horse Informal Blogging

Three things I hate about residential school

kidnapping에 대한 이미지 검색결과

Many First Nation’s kids as Saul got mental and physical effects during they lived because of racism. Saul got the first direct trauma of racism by losing his brother.

Losing family

Saul listened to his grandmother’s story about the experience of racism at residential school, and one day, the white strangers who the Ojibway people called as “Zangush” came to Saul’s family. They brought Saul’s brother, Benjamin to residential school. Of course, his family wanted to save him sincerely, but the white guys had a gun. This was Saul’s first direct experience of racism. After several years passed from when Benjamin was kidnapped, surprisingly, Benjamin appeared in front of his family, getting coughing sick, and few days later, he died.



residential school racism에 대한 이미지 검색결과

Saul has experienced as many racial force and discrimination as cannot count. There are few happenings at the residential school.

Getting Trauma

After Saul’s grandmother, Naomi died, Saul went into the residential school. He saw and experienced racism. He was cut his hair, wore unfit clothes, and listened the nun’s saying that made Ojibway kids ashamed. The environment of residential school, it was definitely terrible.


관련 이미지

There are many racial problems and victims in the world. Among them, some people got trauma from residential school.

Trauma cannot be erased easily.

Physically and mentally, there are many effects of racism. Saul lost his brother, he had to feel ashamed about his culture and language, and he almost could not play hockey. Not only for Saul, the many children who were in residential school died, or live with terrible trauma.


Eunsoo’s Goals

Personal goal

Before I graduate, I will make my body muscle rate as 25 percent. I will go to the gym every Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. I have many friends who work out, so I will ask them to help me when I need any help. When I feel lazy to go to the gym, I will go to the gym with my friends.


Academic goal

In the final marking period of nest semester, I will get at least B for every classes. I will have review time at least 1 hour without homework time. Also, I will not mindasking my parents, my friends, teachers, and homestay parents to help me studying. When I feel tired to study, I will make a money calendar that I give pocket money to myself when I finish studying. Also, I will make a note for famous saying about patient

Imagery in Indian Horse

The power of words

Eunsoo Kim

blk C

The fourth time we stood quietly, each of us lost in our thoughts, as the fish struggled for air, for life, for freedom. When we bent finally and took the fish in our hands to set them back into the water, most of us were crying,” (Wagamese ,53).

In this quote, the author is describing the emotion that the kids and Saul feel. Wagamese used the device of symbolism in relation to the situation of the fish, which the kids and Saul caught. The mood of the paragraph has hopeful feeling, and it is also sad. Each expression that describes the fish were stark. They were symbols of sadness and wish. As a reader, the expressions were helpful for imaging. How the kids of the residential school felt, how much they missed their home. The images have been drawn powerfully, vivid and dynamic.

fish에 대한 이미지 검색결과

The Happiness from Food


The Happiness from Food

It was almost one year ago I found my favorite restaurant, Baek Woon Yi Nae (Baek Woon Yi’s). The restaurant serves traditional food of Hunan, China. The owner of the restaurant is my dad’s friend, Baek Woon who is from Hunan. I visited to congratulate her with my family. It was the second time to eat Chinese traditional dishes. Honestly, I did not want to go to the restaurant because I had a bad memory about Chinese dishes that were horribly bad. I was forced to come to the restaurant by my family, and I was nervous. The outlook of the building was modest, and after I entered the restaurant, I had a cozy feeling. The inside was decorated with unique and also luxury furniture. I sat on the simple designed chair and waited for the dishes. The dishes I ordered were cheapest fried shrimp rice, and stir-fried whelk that is most famous. From when first I saw them to when I swallowed them, each moment was ecstasy. Their colors, smells, and textures stimulated my five senses. I was shocked. It was because the dishes were so perfect. The tastes were a little bit salty, greasy, and spicy. Although I cannot explain it directly, it was definitely not a common taste. I looked around, and I could find that my family were also feeling the same thing as me. We smiled silently. In the quietness, we only could hear the sound of cooking from the kitchen. We just enjoyed the moment with the delicious food and the atmosphere. It was literally a delight of eating. The average price of the dishes was C$ 25. It was about my first moment that I feel happiness with Chinese food. I am grateful for Baek Woon, the cook, and the dishes. If I did not encounter them, I would never realize that I cannot judge the foods of other countries with only based on some of them. I really recommend Baek Woon Yi Nae to anyone who read this.