Geography 12 – Reconnecting with location


As I was standing in the woods, I saw the sunshine, the trees, leaves and mud. I could deeply thinking about freedom because I was in the silence, only with sounds of the nature. Also, I felt as if I was deeply connected with the nature. All the compositions of the walking road surrounded by trees interested me with the fresh air, the nice green view and the soft mud. To not use my phone to take photos and videos of the beautiful view was the only difficult thing to me.


At Downtown Poco, the mood was totally different from yesterday. Car noise, people talking, and the whole atmosphere was busy. I saw many artificial things, such as cars and buildings, and people walking. It was not easy to think deeply about something, and I felt awkward. In different way of feeling with yesterday’s, which is peaceful, the Downtown made me feel awkward so that it is harder to not use phone. I absolutely felt my feelings, thoughts and actions changes depends on where I am.

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