Staying Safe at Work

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I have watched many videos for work safe, and Mathew’s deep fryer oil burn accident was the most impactive to me. it was because the part-time job I am looking for now is related to cooking. After watching the five different work safe presentations, I have learned that I should refuse when the work I get is too dangerous. Also, the employer should teach me a right work safe of the job. For my work safe at workplace, I will learn basic ways to do work safe for all jobs. However, when I interview for job, I will ask how to stay safe at the workplace where I am going to work, and what the company will do when I get accident in detail to the interviewer. As I work, If I do not know how to do exactly, I will not mind asking to other workers. However, there are the things I can do for other’s safe at workplace. When accident is happened to others, I will call 911 right away. Also, I will master First Aid before I have a job.


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