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Three things I hate about residential school

kidnapping에 대한 이미지 검색결과

Many First Nation’s kids as Saul got mental and physical effects during they lived because of racism. Saul got the first direct trauma of racism by losing his brother.

Losing family

Saul listened to his grandmother’s story about the experience of racism at residential school, and one day, the white strangers who the Ojibway people called as “Zangush” came to Saul’s family. They brought Saul’s brother, Benjamin to residential school. Of course, his family wanted to save him sincerely, but the white guys had a gun. This was Saul’s first direct experience of racism. After several years passed from when Benjamin was kidnapped, surprisingly, Benjamin appeared in front of his family, getting coughing sick, and few days later, he died.



residential school racism에 대한 이미지 검색결과

Saul has experienced as many racial force and discrimination as cannot count. There are few happenings at the residential school.

Getting Trauma

After Saul’s grandmother, Naomi died, Saul went into the residential school. He saw and experienced racism. He was cut his hair, wore unfit clothes, and listened the nun’s saying that made Ojibway kids ashamed. The environment of residential school, it was definitely terrible.


관련 이미지

There are many racial problems and victims in the world. Among them, some people got trauma from residential school.

Trauma cannot be erased easily.

Physically and mentally, there are many effects of racism. Saul lost his brother, he had to feel ashamed about his culture and language, and he almost could not play hockey. Not only for Saul, the many children who were in residential school died, or live with terrible trauma.


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