Imagery in Indian Horse

The power of words

Eunsoo Kim

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The fourth time we stood quietly, each of us lost in our thoughts, as the fish struggled for air, for life, for freedom. When we bent finally and took the fish in our hands to set them back into the water, most of us were crying,” (Wagamese ,53).

In this quote, the author is describing the emotion that the kids and Saul feel. Wagamese used the device of symbolism in relation to the situation of the fish, which the kids and Saul caught. The mood of the paragraph has hopeful feeling, and it is also sad. Each expression that describes the fish were stark. They were symbols of sadness and wish. As a reader, the expressions were helpful for imaging. How the kids of the residential school felt, how much they missed their home. The images have been drawn powerfully, vivid and dynamic.

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