Blog Log #2

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In this article, the writer Dylan Mattews depicts a soviet officer Stanislav Petrov who stopped a nuclear war from happening. Petrov and his crew had a warning sign of ICBM missiles launched by the USA towards the Soviet Union. There were two choices for Petrov to make, report it and start WW3 or not report it and run the risk of being nuked. Eventually, Petrov and his crew concluded that it was just a false alarm, which thankfully it was. Turns out the alarm was triggered by the sun’s reflection on the clouds, making it seem like there was an incoming missile. I like this article because I enjoy learning about history and interesting things that have happened in the past. I heard about this story a while ago but this article conveyed the thoughts I already had about this story. This man single-handedly stopped a nuclear war and the possible complete annihilation of the human race as we know it.

Blog Log #1

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In this article, Amazon employment are threatening to walk out of Amazon if they don’t help to reduce the growing problem of climate change. This article interested me because it illustrates how everyday working people are taking a standing against climate change and how they are going about doing that. Amazon employees have pushed Amazon into starting a program called the Shipment Zero program in which Amazon has promised to make 50% of their shipments net zero by 2030. Even with that, Amazon employees have continued to put Amazon to be more environmentally friendlier. They have done this by making a climate change plan for the company, which Amazon’s shareholders voted down. The author Shirin Ghaffary conveys the frustration of the Amazon employees by going very in depth about how and why the employee are upset and what they are doing about it. I made a personal connection to this article because I know what it feels like to be in a situation where, I the employee is upset with the manager and how the company is poorly treating its staff. I believe this article can show how people working for big companies can make a change and help to become more environmentally friendly and be the leaders in the fight against climate change.