Climate and us

this is an image of a man walking through the town of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on January 19, 2019. This pollution in the photo is caused by the people trying to heat their homes in the city apartment buildings. One possible solution for this would be to reduce the use of these heating methods and another solution would find an environmental friendlier method to heat these homes and reduce pollution.

Day 5

From what we saw in the four screenshots. We think the weather will be colder than today because of a cold front coming in from the west and we’ll get some more rain with that.

Climate zones (Ethan, Jordan, Reman)

In colder countries like the Uk, Finland and Iceland the temperature is rising, but the warmer place like Saudi Arabia and the Philippines are the same and the rain or precipitation is mostly the same except for Saudi Arabia with has gone up. I think it is true that colder countries and more affect global warming from this data.

Day 4

Because of the warm front that passed us and the low-pressure winds that are coming in from the west, from the screenshots. We believe that it will around the same temperature as today but with a bit more rain.

care of ethics

Care ethics is a personality trait that is needs to be practiced over time and with enough labour can help shape the world around us for the better. In order to create an ethics people who, have a good understand of the concept and that have experience in situation in which its needed. They can teach others how to act by explain to them or more importantly show them through their actions. The people can slowly learn how to use care of ethics in day to day lives. We would have to believe in environment having the same power and can equally affect us and we affect it. We need realize that we just can’t just abuse the environment and walk away and think nothing bad is going to happen. We would help preserve our ecosystem by not littering and using proper bins when throw away something. Or helping on a humanity scale by donation to a charity or going out to volunteer and help the not so fortunate. Some benefits of everyone adopting care by ethics is our environments and communities will be a lot safer and clean but on the other hand it will set a high standard for everyone and that just can’t happen because no one is perfect. I think we can try the best we can to adopt care of ethics, we can’t be perfect, but we can do our part to help the environment.

Ethics of care towards the environment would look like people treating the environment with respect and not to leave it worse for wear and destroy it.