• What are the strengths? Things you found useful, fun, applicable?

Some of the things that I found useful, fun, and applicable is the amount of utility that you can get from something like Divi builder it gives a new aspect to look at things that are different and not the same as anyone else giving that sense of creativity. It’s just lots more ways to customize it.

  • What are the weaknesses? Things you found could be improved, challenging, not useful?

Some of the stuff on the Divi builder is still really glitchy and due to this, it wouldn’t be useful due to the amount of wasted time that was taken in order to bypass those glitches to make sure it worked well. Honestly Its a good software but there are still way too many bumps in the road until I would use this myself.

  • How can this plugin be used in a classroom setting to enhance student learning? Would you use it and/or recommend it?

People can use this for the people who are not as tech invested compared to other people. So mostly people in classes where there will not have many computer skilled people because anyone who is good at computers will not find any to much use from the software I feel due to the feel of it in my opinion. It does give good creativity when creating a blog. But I would still not recommend using this Divi builder because of the many glitches. I lost so much work multiple times because of the software crashing itself over and over again and some aspects are still too glitchy to use making it a hard no for me currently. If it continues to get optimized then I would maybe recommend it but in the meantime I wouldn’t suggest using it.